Luxury Pillow Menu

Sweet dreams come with a pillow just right for you! For your personal comfort please ask if you like a pillow from our Luxury Pillow Menu.

White Goose Down & Feather

If you've ever dreamed of sleeping on a cloud then this may be the pillow for you. Super soft 90% European Goose Down and 10% European Goose Feathers.

The Original New Zealand Lavender Pillow

The soothing, therapeutic properties of natural lavender have been recognised for centuries and it's now captured in a wonderful pillow. Infused with only pure, natural oil, this is a medium profile pillow.

Spinal Eze - For Back Sleepers

If you sleep on your back most of the time, then this low profile pillow may suit. It maintains the correct curvature of the spine and may assist in easier breathing.

Low Profile Latex Pillow (personal fave!)

Latex pillows are exceptionally comfortable and encourage good sleeping posture. They are very firm and are perfect for those who may experience a sore back or neck.

Gel Top Memory Foam

The memory foam moulds to your body's contours for personalised comfort and the gel insert is perfect for hot sleepers or those who want a cooler sleeping experience.

Full Body Pillow

Discover the snuggly comfort of a body pillow. Great for those that need extra support or simply something to cuddle up to during the night.

Boomerang Pillow

Provides support to the upper body, neck and shoulders. This pillow is very useful to keep you in a more upright position. So it's great for those that like to read or watch TV in bed.